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45 mins : $55


benefits of reiki

+ Promotes a reduction in everyday stress and anxiety

+ Assists the body with purging toxins

+ Supports the immune system and increases vitality

+ Aids with symptoms of depression

+ Promotes the body's regenerative self-healing abilities

+ Spiritual and emotional balance and centering

+ Lesson symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches

+ Supportive during major/difficult life transitions or loss

+ Assists the human body's natural healing process

+ Provides support for chronic pain relief

+ Promotes a better, restful sleep

+ Deep relaxation, tension relief and self-care

distance REiki treatment

Reiki energy can be sent over time and distance, just like internet, satellite and cell phone signals. Therefore, you can be located anywhere in the world, and still benefit from a Reiki treatment with me. 

A distance Reiki session is 45 minutes in length, consisting of 35 minutes of energy work, a single oracle card reading and an email report of your session.

Distance Reiki sessions are required to be paid in full in advance of our appointment. Once booked, we will agree upon a date and time to hold your session.  All you need to do is relax for the duration of your treatment. This can be in meditation, sitting outdoors in nature, laying in bed, or simply in stillness wherever is comfortable for you. I will contact you via email at the conclusion of your session.


benefits of distance reiki

+ You don't have to leave your home

+ You don't have to talk to or be face to face with me - this is ideal for anyone suffering from social anxieties

+ You get a written record of your healing session

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