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Pink Material

2 hours : $35 per person*

*class fees will increase in 2021

new moon manifestation circle

The The Moon is far more than just a distant light in the night sky. It's an incredible ball of energy, filled with mystery, power and magic, and affects how every being exists on this planet. The most fascinating part of this ball of light is the energetic connection it offers us to work with.

Do you feel drawn to the Moon and her glorious cycles?  Are you a curious seeker wondering how to work with this enchanting, wondrous energy? 


Join me every month at Crystal Bliss, on the night of the New Moon and/or the night after (don't worry - the energy is equally as potent the next day!) to celebrate this energy as we put our plans and goals in motion as a collective, with an evening of astrology, manifesting, meditation, Reiki, Moon magic and ceremony.

Your Workshop exchange includes:
🌒 A candlelit Sacred Circle
🌒 Lunar Energy Workbook
🌒 Guided meditation with optional Reiki Energy share
🌒 Personal ceremonial ritual kit
🌒 Take home charm to carry forward your intentions

Pre registration is required through Crystal Bliss at 289. 927.4318 or by visiting the shop in person at 115 Brock St. S., Downtown Whitby. 


Due to the planning and advanced packaging of ritual kits,  walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Thanks for your understanding!

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