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Reiki Treatment

1 hour : $80 / 1 . 5 hours : $ 1 1 0

REiki treatment

An entire Reiki session is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length. A brief discussion will take place prior to the session, to give you an opportunity to have any questions answered and touch on what you are hoping to achieve from your session. 


This is followed by 45 minutes of energy work, where you are resting comfortably on your back, fully clothed, on a deeply cushioned massage table.


We begin your session with a body scan of your energetic system to determine which Chakras (if any), are out of alignment. The session then proceeds with a light touch, hands-on approach (hovering hands is also available and equally as effective), avoiding the chest and groin area. 

The 60 minute session concludes with a brief discussion of which Chakras were blocked or out of alignment, as well as any visuals, sensations or emotions that may have come up during the session.

If a 90 minute session is booked, then we continue your session with a formal sit down discussion to review and discuss the energy work piece in detail. The receiver then has the opportunity to select an Oracle deck for an intuitive card pull to conclude the session.

benefits of REiki

+ Promotes a reduction in everyday stress and anxiety

+ Assists the body with purging toxins

+ Supports the immune system and increases vitality

+ Aids with symptoms of depression

+ Promotes the body's regenerative self-healing abilities

+ Spiritual and emotional balance and centering

+ Lesson symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches

+ Supportive during major/difficult life transitions or loss

+ Assists the human body's natural healing process

+ Provides support for chronic pain relief

+ Promotes a better, restful sleep

+ Deep relaxation, tension relief and self-care

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