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Mother Playing with Baby

30 minutes : $65


benefits of reiki in children

+   Promotes a more restful, quality sleep

+   Known to relieve symptoms of colic in infants

+   Assists with managing teething pain

+   Encourages a reduction in stress and anxiety

+   Calms fears, phobias and self-esteem issues

 +  Supports the immune system and increases vitality

+   Encourages feelings of connection, self-awareness and empathy towards others, animals, plants and nature.

+   Improves concentration in school or studies

+   Increases clarity of mind and focus 

REiki for infants + children

A child's Reiki treatment is similar to that of an adult. However, there are a couple of distinguishing differences. 


Babies and children are naturally little sponges at this stage in their lives. This is largely due to the fact that children do not have the same emotional defences up or fears and doubts that adults do, making them much more open and receptive to energies. Their bodies are also significantly smaller, so they are able to absorb Reiki energy much more quickly than an adult.  Combine their receptiveness with their shorter attention spans, and you've got a recipe for a much more succinct session.  An ideal full session for a child is 30 minutes in length.  

When giving Reiki energy to infants and children, It's important to honour their cues. They may give us an inclination as to when they feel the session should be complete and they have absorbed enough energy.  This could be through their words, body language or actions.  

The most ideal time for an infant or toddler's Reiki treatment is right around nap time, as these energies are very complimentary.  

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