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1 . 5 hour: $ 1 1 1

*offsite + $15.00

++A dozen long stem roses are to be pre-selected and purchased by you to bring to your ceremony. They will also go home with you at the conclusion of your ceremony to continue their connection with you ++ 

rose healing ceremony

With over 300 types, spanning the entire globe and growing in any climate possible, Roses are one of the strongest, most resilient plants in the entire world, and fossils have even been found that date back over 30 million years. Their benefits are countless when it comes to the skin, health, nutrition, etc, but did you know that they are also incredible spiritual and energetic powerhouses?!

Everything on earth carries a vibration.  Roses happen to carry a vibration of up to 320MHz - that's higher than fresh produce (15MHz), fresh and dry herbs (2-27MHz), most essential oils (52MHz) and even the human body itself (62-78MHz). During a Rose Healing Ceremony we work with the power of this vibration to absorb energetic blocks, clear trauma and heartache, quell worries and emotional imbalances, and boost resilience, healing and emotional balance. 

During a Rose Healing Session, we will invoke the energetic qualities of the flowers and intuitively lay a dozen roses along your fully clothed body, wherever they direct us to place them.  The Roses ultimately act as a pendulum and I have the ability to read their cues and place them strategically over parts of the body, where blocked energy is being stored. 

Optional Reiki energy will also be offered during the Ceremony to support and encourage the Roses' absorption of the energetic blocks. 

Post session worksheets are also provided for reflection, journaling prompts and to record the remainder of your connection with your roses, before they are discarded. 

who is a rose healing ceremony for?



In need of nurturing, struggling with depression, or healing from heartbreak or grief.

​Suffering from a breakup, divorce or the severe illness and/or death of a loved one.

Struggling with intimacy.

Looking to empower themselves and reconnect with their womanhood and femininity. As a result of centuries of patriarchy, the the state of the collective consciousness around womanhood is filled with shame and guilt.  A ceremony can help you unhinge yourself from the mass conscious and connect with your own definition of what femininity means to you! 


A ceremony also offers excellent support for those who are crossing over, as the Roses have the ability to bring peace and closure to any old anger and pain, leaving nothing left unsaid or undone energetically. This can be done on patients in the hospital, even if they're in a coma. 


benefits of rose healing

+Support and heal the heart from emotional pain and trauma

+Foster hardiness, resilience and endurance in the face of sudden change

+Reconnect with and balance your emotional body

+Support the healing of old wounds and resentments

+Support romance and re-connection with your partner

+Support and balancing of the Sacral Chakra

+Assist with connecting to and healing your Divine Feminine and the qualities that reside within us (receptivity, wildness, creativity, empathy, compassion, nurturance and sensitivity).  


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