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3 tile reading : $44 

+ Disclaimer +

All Tessera readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.  The information given within the capacity of your reading is not intended to dictate the course of your life. It is imperative to understand that you have the right of free will and you are in control of the choices you make. 


Regarding questions surrounding illness, financial or legal issues, please note that there is no substitute for consulting an appropriate professional. Tessera readings should not be treated as a diagnoses, prevention, treatment, cure or solution for any issue you may be facing. You have sole responsibility for your actions and decisions.

tHE Tessera oracle

The Tessera Oracle is an original and uniquely modern divination system, created by a local Toronto artist and maker. Inspired by the Tarot, Sacred Geometry and enamel pins, each tile is rich in symbolism and designed for intuitive personal guidance and direction with the decisions and challenges you face as you move through the world.

As with any other oracle card reading, it's important to note that this reading is not designed for direct "yes" or "no" or "what should I do" questions, but rather, to help you interpret and understand the matter(s) before you and how to navigate the energetic, spiritual and physical possibilities available to you.

The Tessera is a beautiful divination tool and a wonderful way to connect with the energy of the Universe and the messages that divine energy has for you. 


sample reading

YOUR personalized email reading

We will identify the question you would like insight into and structure it into a framework that will give you the most benefit in your reading. I will intuitively draw three Tessera tiles for you in response to your question, and interpret them for you in a detailed multi-page, full colour written report, along with suggested tools and guidance to assist you on your journey. The full report will be sent as a quality .PDF print document by email.

General energetic readings are also available if you do not have a specific question you'd like answered. This is a wonderful option to see what Divine energy actually wants to say to you at that particular moment in time! This type of reading is also beneficial for validating your own thoughts and feelings and can help enhance your connection with your Higher Self.  

Readings will be emailed to you within 48 hours of of receiving your payment, the question you would like addressed and the email address you would like the response sent to. If availability permits, readings may be sent even sooner. 

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